Logo - Desilva - sieć hoteli w Polsce
Logo - Desilva - sieć hoteli w Polsce

A new restaurant launched in Cieszyn

Kuchnia bez granic is a venue that connects both people and flavours.


We will welcome the possibility of treating you to our delicious meals cooked according to international and local recipes. The varied menu is complemented with meals based on seasonal products and the Cieszyn Silesia specialities alike. Wine lovers will find an intriguing selection of wines, while beer connoisseurs are treated to a wide range of local beers from the Cieszyn Brewery.

Flavours are made here

The restaurant Kuchnia bez granic also promotes healthy and organic meals. Our menu has items to satisfy the tastes of all Guests.


Restaurant working hours: 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.; supper meals served at 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. Looking forward to meeting you.

Patio with a garden

Summer season


Lounge in our patio and garden taking in serene atmosphere and having a wholesome dinner and a drink.

Natural Farm

To ensure our meals are of the highest possible standard, the DeSilva Hotel Restaurants have introduced meat supplied from our own eco-friendly cattle farm.


Our beef, pork and meat preserves like pâtés, sausages, pork fillets come with no artificial or chemical additives.Try it out and share our concept of Natural Meat!


NATURAL MEAT is the policy followed by DeSilva Natural Farm – an environmentally-friendly farm with Highland cattle breed. The Farm’s idea is to produce high quality beef and pork reared on natural pastures, rich in herbs and natural environment. This unique breed provides beef which is highly valued in cooking and has low cholesterol and external fat cover contents.

Aperitif bar

Local beer in a good company always tastes better.


Aperitif Bar – perfect space for low-keyed meetings and business dinners. A calm ambience of our Aperitif Bar helps you engage in relaxed and absorbing conversations.